Dorothy Wheeler: “The Fairy Swing” Watercolour, 1920, British Fairy Postcard Artwork

“The Fairy Swing” British Postcard Art
Bamforth & Co., Ltd, Holmfirth, England 1920s
Watercolor and Ink on Illustration Board.
Signed by artist, bottom left
Drawing area: 4.5” x 6.5”
Provenance: Jo Ann Reisler, Ltd., Acquired 2002


Dorothy Muriel Wheeler (1891–1966) was born in Great Britain in 1891. She studied at the Blackheath School of Art, where her principal mediums were watercolor and ink. She designed children’s book illustrations, postcards and comic strips.

A series of her works were used by Bamforth & Co Ltd, a publisher of fine postcards, for their Woodland Secrets and Fairy Series collections of cards, published around 1920.Her illustrations appeared in Enid Blyton’s widely published children’s books. They also appeared in books by Anne MacDonald. She published her own version of the Three Little Pigs in 1955. Her final work appeared in 1965, illustrations for Enid Blyton’s The Ring O’Bells Mystery.

Children’s Books Illustrated by Dorothy M. Wheeler
• The Enchanted Wood, first published in 1939 by George Newness
• The Little Tree-House, first published in 1939 by George Newness
• The Further Adventures of Josie, Click and Bun, published in 1941 by George Newness
• The Adventures of Mr. Pink-Whistle, first published in 1941 by George Newness
• Five o’Clock Tales, first published in 1942 by Methuen
• Mr. Tumpy and His Caravan, first published in 1949 by Sidgwick & Jackson
• Mr. Pink-Whistle Interferes, first published in 1950 by George Newness
• Up the Faraway Tree, first published in 1951 by George Newness
• Welcome, Josie, Click and Bun!, first published in 1952 by George Newness
• Mr. Tumpy in the Land of Boys and Girls, first published in 1953 by Sampson Low
• Mr. Pink-Whistle’s Big Book, first published in 1958 by Evans Brothers
• The Ring O’Bells Mystery, first published in 1965
• English Nursery Rhymes by Lavinia Edna Walter, first published in 1916
• Through the Green Door by Anne MacDonald, first published in 1924
• A Pocketful of Silver by Anne Macdonald, first published in 1927
• The Three Little Pigs by Dorothy M. Wheeler, first published in 1951