DICK and JANE: “Fun With Our Friends” Bowling Summer Picnic Illustration, 1962

Childrens Book Bowling Summer Artwork For Sale

Dick and Jane Fun With Our Friends
From the Chapter: The New Game
Page 105 bowling illustration
Watercolor and Gouache on Illustration Board.
8” x7”
Publisher: Scott, Foresman and Company


Condition Report: In the pre-digital publishing world prior to the 1980s illustrations including most of the Dick and Jane series illustrations from the 1960s were removed from the illustration board so they could be “drum-scanned” on a circular, revolving drum scanner. The artwork (above) has been reattached to the base illustration board and none of the painted areas are effected. Side note: Drum scanning is still performed today for high-end art and photography books.

The printed pages from the book (shown below) are included with the sale of the artwork.
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